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There are those home buyers and investors who can do without the “fluff”, of the typical home inspection. that is, checking every window… doors… every single outlet. individuals like you just want the major components tested. in a word, 5point. Essentially, a 5point inspection is an evaluation of the five, most important components to the home. included are the roof, electrical panel, plumbing, structural and HVAC.

Leak Detection

As building diagnostic specialists, we provide multiple different, specialized inspections. For those of you who like buffets, this might be ideal. For example, you may choose a 5point inspection but want the pool inspected or leak detection performed. In this case, we can simply add-on the additional inspection. Much like a chimney inspection, moisture intrusion testing and so on… As far as inspections of a residential or commercial building is concerned, we literally cover the entire structure from the bottom to the top.

75% of all moisture intrusion tests we perform are not directly related to rainfall.Marc Mazza

Santa Clarita Home Inspectors

Five point home inspections are essentially a modified version of a “typical” home inspection. How it works is like this… our 5point inspection takes the five most significant systems within a home, and we inspect only those. These five systems are; roof, electrical service, structural, plumbing and HVAC. Our level of expertise in the building trades is unmatched in the Santa Clarita valley. Because of this, our 5point inspection is significantly more substantive than these other inspectors who perform full inspections.

Santa Clarita Home Inspectors

Los Angeles swimming pool inspections

Just the FAQs

How To Choose A Home inspector in Santa Clarita

Inspections Performed
First thing you need to understand about home inspections in Santa Clarita, California is that there are literally ZERO requirements for anyone to become and work as a home inspector. In essence, this means home inspection is a total free-for-all. I find it amazing that you… a home buyer can place your trust in a person who just three weeks ago could have been delivering your mail.

Notwithstanding the fact that you are placing your trust, your families trust and all your hard earned and future hard earned money into this purchase. You probably want to make sure the person you choose actually knows a thing or two about construction. Am i right?

Certified Swimming Pool Inspector

Why do you only choose 5 things to inspect?

The primary reason we choose these five items to inspect is because these are the most important, from a contractors perspective. In other words, you’re not paying for us to walk through a house and test windows, turn on faucets, flush toilets etc… the easy stuff. Of course there could be issues with these components as well, however, the difference is that these components are relatively less expensive to repair or replace than say… a foundation, an entire roof or plumbing system. Many times, our buyers will use our plug tester for receptacles. My clients will open their own windows and flush their own toilets. If there’s an issue when doing this… our buyers know we’re about 50 feet away for questions.

Swimming Pool Inspections and Safety

Most home inspectors are not aware of the new law that recently passed, SB442. this bill REQUIRES all home inspectors to comment on the safeness of the pool enclosure system. Which is to say, the area which surrounds a pool and access to that pool. For example, doors from the building to the yard, gates, alarms and fencing. Pool barrier systems are not the only component that is important to inspect. How about swimming pool bonding? How many home inspector don’t even know about bonding and the potential hazards associated with missing swimming pool bonding? Probably a lot.

It’s essential that the person who inspects your swimming pool is either a pool contractor or a  professional service and repair person. Not only is a swimming pool a huge liability for the home owner, its also a hazard to anyone who can wander into a yard which possess a pool. What about the potential issues associated with the circulation system? A new pump can cost upwards of $1800 and a heater $2700. If your home inspector is inspecting your pool and is not a contractor, just politely tell him / her “thanks, but no thanks”, and get a contractor.

We perform swimming pool inspections and leak detection in Santa Clarita

According to Darren Merlob-Leaktronics, 65% 0f all pools will leak within the first 2o years. Question remains…, does yours leak? unfortunately there is no way to tell if a swimming pool leaks without testing it. How is this done you ask? Easy. First of all, you’ll need the equipment. Oh, your home inspector doesn’t have this equipment? Well, in this case you’ll have to refer to a specialist who will typically have to charge you his fee which more than likely will also include a new trip fee.

Speaking of specialists

Now that we’re talking about specialists, there are a few inspections that you need to know about. Knowing what I know based on what I’ve seen from all my years of inspecting, I would never buy a home without one of these inspections listed here;

These inspections all have one thing in common. They are all specialized inspections requiring both a specialist and special equipment. Make no mistake… these are systems which have the potential to cost you thousands of dollars in repair not to mention the associated hazards.

How Much Are your 5point Inspections?



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