5point Home Inspection Exclusions

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With our five point home inspection, there are some exclusions, which is what makes this inspection more affordable than the full complete inspection. Reason being, is that our focus is not on the smaller more easily repaired components. on the contrary, we focus our efforts and expertise as building contractors and professionals on the most important of issues. In other words, the type of issues which may cause you to reconsider a purchase.

Our 5point inspection is just that, 5 systems (plumbing, electrical, roof, HVAC, structural), within the home which are by-the-way, the most significant of all systems in a building. As a matter of fact, as a home inspector, these are generally the only systems the majority of my past clients are genially concerned about. So why not just offer those 5 systems? As previously mentioned, there are some things we still don’t  perform within the 5 point, as mentioned here.

Infrared Thermography

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Although we may not be performing a complete inspection, we will still use the infrared thermography in our inspection. Knowing what I know about the infrared technology, I wouldn’t ever perform an inspection without it.

Want the best Home Inspector in Santa Clarita without the fluff?

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Marc Mazza of Mazza inspection group is one of the every best in this business. How do we know? Easy, ask around. There isn’t a single realtor in all of Santa Clarita who’ll attach themselves to the Mazza inspection Group. Why is this? Easy… because we don’t  play around. When we show up it all business. We dig deep and look for the hard stuff. Anyone can very easily rummage through a home in an hour or so and make up a report that by all intents and purposes, like something substantial.

  • We don’t  rubber stamp homes for the realtors
  • Our inspections are long, very long
  • The inspections we perform are thorough, very thorough