Frequently Asked Questions

faqsHow is a 5 point inspection different from a full home inspection?

A 5 point inspection only covers the major components of the home which include Plumbing, Electrical Panel, Structural, HVAC and Roof systems. See the site for more details on what is inspected for each individual system. If you would like to know what a full inspection entails, visit www.mazzainspections.com.

Why would I choose to do a 5 point inspection?

5 point inspections are perfect for those clients who are not concerned with cosmetic deficiencies, routine maintenance or are planning to do a great deal of remodeling or replacing various components. Investors and those folks who can understand the condition of the structure they are in escrow on and often choose to do this type of inspection simply because they will be remodeling the cosmetic features of the home to make it more desirable for resale.

Is a 5 point inspection more affordable?

Yes, a 5 point inspection is about $150 less than a complete inspection on an average home under 2500 square feet.

I noticed that outlets, switches, water fixtures, doors and windows are not included in a 5 point inspection. What if I want these items tested?

If you want each electrical outlet / switch and water fixture tested for operation, you can add these to the inspection for an additional fee. Another option for the client is to test these items yourself while at the inspection. We will let you use our tester and demonstrate how to use it for the outlets and the rest is simple!

What if the house has a pool / spa?

We can add the pool / spa to the inspection at a discounted rate.

What if I need a sewer video inspection?

We can add a sewer video inspection at a discounted rate.

How about using your infrared camera to search for leaks or hot spots in the electrical panel?

We will be happy to use the camera to search for leaks or hot spots at no additional cost.