Santa Clarita Home Inspections – Plumbing

First and foremost, all home inspections will generally cover all of the same systems plumbing being one of them. That said, our 5point inspection is no exception. As a matter of fact, the biggest difference between our inspection and the “other” guys inspections is that our inspections are backed by genuine construction experience. As we speak, Marc Mazza is a general contractor first, and inspector second. Do we do inspections part time? Not really. We just choose to only perform 2-3 inspections a week. Why is this? Simply put… our construction company is a handful, and besides, doing only a few inspections each week allows us to take even more time at your inspection and not feel the pressure of having to do 2-3 in a single day (like these other guys).

What’s does your Home Inspection cover?

In short, supply piping is the vehicle by which you receive your water throughout a house. Some homes have plastic pipes such as PEX, CPVC and PVC. Each of these piping types carries a different set of pros and cons. For example, CPVC is a plastic pipes and fittings degrade and become brittle after only a few years of use. ¬†On the other hand, some homes have metal such as copper or galvanized piping. Of course, with these pipe types there are issues for example take galvanized piping. Because this material is made from steel, and steel rusts, it just makes sense that galvanized piping will become clogged with build-up, rust, deteriorate and turn to dust over time… and it does. Not before this materials wrecks havoc to the interior of your home when it decides to eventually fail.

Shower pan inspection – a must check item

santa clarita shower pan testing

What the heck is a shower pan? Essentially the shower pan is the base, of a tiled shower. Suffice it to say that almost ZERO home inspectors check these. Reason being is that they leak, and when they do, the water typically runs on the outside of the enclosure. in some cases damage may occur as a result of this test. That said, however, i think this test is paramount simply due to the reason that shower pan repairs are very, very expensive.


CPVC Video: Failure issues

Just to be clear, the city of Santa Clarita has tons of CPVC piping.

Sewer Main Line Issues in Santa Clarita homes